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Our Drinks

Coffee/ Teas/ Italian Soda and Specialty Drinks


Espresso Shots: . . . Single . . . Double . . . Triple . . . Quad


                                                                       12oz         20oz

Latte:   Espresso, Steamed milk, Foam                                          $4.51           $5.17 (H/C)

Brevé Latte:   Steamed Half & Half, Espresso                                        $4.68            $5.24

Vanilla Latte:   Latte with Vanilla Syrup                                          $5.17           $6.24 (H/C)

White Choc Mocha Latte:                                                         $5.17           $6.24 (H/C)

     Latte with White Chocolate

Cappuccino:   Espresso, Steamed milk, 1/3 Foam                        $4.57          $5.17

Carmel Macchiato:                                                                  $5.17          $6.24

     Carmel is Drizzeled around the sides while Steamed milk,

     espresso caramel, and vanilla are layered

Mocha:   Espresso, Creamy chocolate, Steamed milk, Foam            $4.68          $5.79

Chai Latte:   Spicy Indian tea, Steamed milk, Foam                        $3.95          $5.03 (H/C)

House Tea:   Select from herbal and caffeinated tea selection            $2.73          $3.32

Steamed Hot Chocolate:   Creamy chocolate & Steamed milk          $3.45          $4.07

Chocolate Whopper:   Creamy chocolate, malt & Steamed milk       $3.56          $4.18

Americano:  Espresso and Hot Water                                          $2.85          $3.41

Coffee:   Freshly brewed coffee      Medium / Dark Roast               $2.40          $2.84

Iced Drinks and Smoothies

                                                                       12oz         20oz

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea                                                               $2.73           $3.32

      Add Fruit 79¢

Arnold Palmer:   Ice tea and lemonade                                       $2.84           $3.95

Specialty Lemonade                                                                $2.84           $3.95

      Add Fruit 79¢

Italian Soda:   Soda water with choice of any of the below flavors  $2.84           $3.95

Frozen Carmel Latte with Whip Cream                                       $5.17           $6.24

Frozen Vanilla Latte with Whip Cream                                        $5.17           $6.24

Smoothies:   Peach, Strawberry Banana and Mixed Berry              $4.51           $5.17

Additional Flavor 67¢              Additional Shot of Espresso 91¢

Small town coffee shop with an urban upscale feel. We were at Bear Lake for 3 days and we ate at Crepes and Coffee for 2 out of 3 of those days. (We didn't find out about it until day 2). They have quite the extensive and impressive list of crepes. We did some fruity ones and some withs eggs, bacon and veggies. They were on point! I wasn't sure what I wanted to drink so I asked for a recommendation from the barista. He recommended a dirty chai and it was seriously the best thing I've ever tasted. They have a cute little sit down patio area with tables and chairs but also sofas. I highly recommend you stop by and eat and hang out if you find yourself in Garden City.

Best coffee in town and the crepes are killer.

Image by Jéssica Silveira
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